EXPATRIATES / IMPATRIATES – THE TAX SERVICES OFFERED clicca qui per la versione in italiano

  • Preliminary contact with the employee or self employed that will come and work in Italy (by phone or e-mail, also in English);
  • Entry tax meeting, even with a conference call, possibly preceded by a questionnaire for preliminary information, in order to outline his/her tax position for the current year and for the next years, in relation to existing legislation;
  • Examination of the conditions defining the tax residence in Italy or the status of non-resident and the application of the concept of worldwide taxation
  • Verification of the conditions for applying any tax benefits on the taxable income in Italy for:
    • researchers hired in Italy;
    • other qualified foreign personnel (or Italians coming back to Italy) hired or self employed in Italy
  • Indication, person by person, of the applicable local tax regulations, including deductions and tax credits and opportunities for tax benefits;
  • Sending of the list of the documents to be produced for the preparation of the tax return and for obtaining eventual tax benefits;
  • Possibility of contacts with a foreign tax expert, if the taxpayer must submit also a tax return in the country of origin or residence for the current year;
  • Preparation of the tax return with any additional forms (RM-RT-RW) for activities held outside of Italy or foreign income; calculation of tax credits to avoid double taxation;
  • Assistance in the tax settlement phase, in particular if the tax payer must submit the form REDDITI PF, instead of form 730, and need to pay the taxes on the basis of a form F24.

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Dott. Alessandro Baldi




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